Today in American History we talked about why people traveled west in the early and middle 1800s. During this time many individuals and families had left their home towns to travel west for many different things. For some it was for the land, some it was for the items to become rich, and for others it was for religion. We were then assigned an assignment showing textual evidence that we understood. Our assignment was to write a letter to a friend back home explaining why we left, where we’re going, and what has happened so far along the way. Here is my letter:

April 24, 1842

Dear Karisa,

How is it back in Iowa? How’s your brother doing? Any better? You’re all still in my prayers, and thoughts. My mother still says better things await us up in Oregon. I hope one day you join us up here. It’s only been two weeks and I already miss you. We took a break today so we could all rest and keep the seventh day holy. I think it helps me enjoy the scenery a bit more. There are so many pretty flowers here, you’d love it!

My father and uncle say that when we settle here in Oregon, we will have much more land and opportunity to be prosperous here. We will have enough land to spread our wings they say. I just miss my friends back home in Iowa though. Mother says that I should be happy to have my cousins with us, but I am often getting into trouble for talking back to my parents and not finishing my chores.

I wish you and your family were here. On the way here, I seen the mountains. Other than that, like I mentioned above, there are so many beautiful flowers. The land out here is so open and free. The breeze blows so openly. It is absolutely wonderful! Sometimes, I like to lay in the tall grass and just feel the gentle breeze on my face while I gaze up at the sky.

It is so frightening watching other new settlers become ill with the bacteria infection, Cholera. Young children as young as you and I, as well as elders as old as grandmother and grandfather are falling ill. I am so afraid that one of my loved ones will fall ill as well. Mother and Aunt Florence are sure to keep my siblings, cousins, and I away from those who are ill. She is very strict about this.

Well, I have to sign off here. I hope to hear from you. Please send my love to your family.

Your dearest friend,