Today in class we read a passage called “The Outcasts of Poker Flat.” We were then asked if the group showed good teamwork? Why or why not? I think the team did not work a successful team. I mean at first they did okay, they made it to the old cabin well, and were good. Uncle Billy is the one who turned the whole thing around. He took their money, their horses, and their mules. When they are left with nothing in a snowstorm they panicked like any other person would. Mother Shipton starved herself to save her food for Piney. Oakhurst then decides that Tom must go get help. Then Oakhurst fixes Tom a pair of snowshoes. While Tom is away getting help the women freeze to death, and Oakhurst commits suicide. I think they all could’ve worked together more to go get help. They all could’ve went, so they wouldn’t have had to wait for Tom to return. They would’ve had a better chance for survival by staying warm when walking, and somehow finding food along the way or when they arrived at the final destination. Overall, they could have been better teamwork for survival.