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The Crucible Act 3 Pt. 2

During the Puritan time, men usually held all the power. In the Crucible, it starts out as men running the town and having all the power. As you continue to read, you start to see a change in the culture…. Continue Reading →

Japanese Interment

In American History we had talked about the Japanese Interment camps that took place after the bombing in Pearl Harbor. The Japanese people were negatively affected by mass hysteria. For our project, we were to find a Japanese Interment camp… Continue Reading →

Crucible Act 3

I believe that John Proctor seems to be an honorable man. At the beginning of the story he comes out as very disloyal, because betrays his family by having an affair. By Act III, he becomes a person of integrity… Continue Reading →

Crucible Act Two Pt. 2

The Crucible takes place during the 1600s. During this time the Puritan’s believed that if you believed in the Good you had to believe in the Bad, also known as God and Satan. Women usually were first to blame, because… Continue Reading →

The Crucible Act 2

I think the reason the characters find out through other people is to add suspicion and make the story more interesting. When the author does this it adds suspicion and drama to the story. It’s like hearing some juicy gossip… Continue Reading →

Crucible Act I

After reading the first part of Act 1 in the Crucible, I believe that John Proctor still has feelings for Abigail. Abigail was madly in love with John Proctor during their affair, and still is. John Proctor refuses to show… Continue Reading →

Crucible Act One Pt. 2 Response

I think that the relationship between Abigail Williams and Tituba will affect how the trial plays out. At first Abigail was accusing Tituba, but then it sounded like Tituba was helping Abigail accuse the others in the town. They both… Continue Reading →

The Outcasts of Poker Flat Discussion Question

Today in class we read a passage called “The Outcasts of Poker Flat.” We were then asked if the group showed good teamwork? Why or why not? I think the team did not work a successful team. I mean at… Continue Reading →

Trails West in American History

Today in American History we talked about why people traveled west in the early and middle 1800s. During this time many individuals and families had left their home towns to travel west for many different things. For some it was… Continue Reading →


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