Today in English we read a short story called ‘The Outcasts of Poker Flat’ now we are going to find if they were good teammates or bad.

I think that they were more in the middle, but towards the better side of teamwork. Mother Shipton gave her life and her rations for the Piney. Mr. Oakhurst went with the innocent boy who was going to marry Piney, he wanted to help him get help to save his fiancee. He also made sure that Piney and the Duchess would have enough supervisions for a couple of days. The Duchess helped to take care of everyone. They all worked together pretty well especially towards the end of everything. In the beginning they weren’t comfortable with one another, and they didn’t trust each other either.

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  1. You provide quite a few reasons to support your stance. Next time, be even more specific with evidence by citing the text directly.
    -Ms. Lane

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