September 7

Outcasts response

Today in English we read a short story called ‘The Outcasts of Poker Flat’ now we are going to find if they were good teammates or bad.

I think that they were more in the middle, but towards the better side of teamwork. Mother Shipton gave her life and her rations for the Piney. Mr. Oakhurst went with the innocent boy who was going to marry Piney, he wanted to help him get help to save his fiancee. He also made sure that Piney and the Duchess would have enough supervisions for a couple of days. The Duchess helped to take care of everyone. They all worked together pretty well especially towards the end of everything. In the beginning they weren’t comfortable with one another, and they didn’t trust each other either.

September 5

Western Trails Letter

In history we had to write a letter, or a journal entry talking like we were on one of the Western trails. I choose the Oregon trail, and to write to a friend back home. Here is my letter:

Dear Madison,

I miss Missouri, although it’s not the prettiest or the best place to call home, I miss it. But we need to go to Oregon, we need a better home, we need more land. Maybe then we can start a farm, plant vegetables, buy farm animals. I hope that this will all be worth it, it’s been hard my friend, very hard. As you know we left March of 1842, it was cold in the beginning, but now it’s so hot! I think I prefer the cold in all honesty. I miss my grandparents. My parents are worried about getting sick, or attacked. I can tell that brother is worried as well, he’s tired, we all are. We’ve all been arguing, and not getting along lately. Of course it’s because we are all stressed and tired, I just hope that it gets better soon. No one’s been sleeping at night, too scared to allow our defense to be dropped. We don’t want everything to go to waste, all of this work and pain. We’re scared that if we relax for even a moment someone will come and try to take everything away from us. I’ve seen a lot during this trip, we’ve passed many families, and groups who have stopped due to problems. There have been many corpses as well, animal and human. But the sights! So beautiful, the mountains, and the rivers blooming with flowers are always a pick me up. And we can’t forget the sunrise and sunsets. Perhaps someday you might join us, but for now, stay safe my friend, and I hope to see you again.

Your dearest friend,

Noelle Rasmussen

May 31

5-31-17 Sophomore year

This year has been really cool, it was my first time not being full time at my school campus. The teachers were always nice, and helped when we needed help. In the beginning of the year I was just coming to the academy for health, but I changed my schedule for more time with the teachers. I am glad I did that, because I did get a lot more time with teachers. I learned that there are a lot of different careers in the medical field, and that I need to do more research. I feel like I became better with getting my things done, when your teachers are unreachable every other day you need to be good at getting things done. I will be coming back to the junior academy next year, and I hope to learn more again.