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In the English class today I have a chance to read one story, Author by Bret Harte name” The Outcast of Poker Flat” depicts a ragtag group of misfits trying to survive in 1850. To me I believe they were not a very successful team, because In the first place there were one members who separate himself from the team and leave on his own, that is Uncle Billy a sluice-robber and a drunkard. Beside from him most of them work very well as team because they all cooperate with each other , For example Mr.Oakhurst  create a plan to make a snow boot and they together making it. But all of that is after the arrive of the ” Innocent”, but before the “innocent” arrive they all just not cooperate  each other. The new group now stop being selfish and start sharing what they have and helping each others. But Mother Shipton Starved herself and give her meal for the younger one for little Piney and She end up passing away. Mr. Oakhurst aimed to help by sending Tom back to Poker Flat, but it all ended up to fruitless. Before Tom could return and save them Mr. Oakhurst shot himself and The Duchess and Piney, his fiancé, froze to death. They try and gain a lot of success, but to me that is fate was in their way.

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  1. You offer many reasons to support your stance. Next time, read your response out loud to catch some errors. Also, cite evidence from the text.
    -Ms. Lane

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