Outcast Response

In the English class today I have a chance to read one story, Author by Bret Harte name” The Outcast of Poker Flat” depicts a ragtag group of misfits trying to survive in 1850. To me I believe they were not a very successful team, because In the first place there were one members who separate himself from the team and leave on his own, that is Uncle Billy a sluice-robber and a drunkard. Beside from him most of them work very well as team because they all cooperate with each other , For example Mr.Oakhurst  create a plan to make a snow boot and they together making it. But all of that is after the arrive of the ” Innocent”, but before the “innocent” arrive they all just not cooperate  each other. The new group now stop being selfish and start sharing what they have and helping each others. But Mother Shipton Starved herself and give her meal for the younger one for little Piney and She end up passing away. Mr. Oakhurst aimed to help by sending Tom back to Poker Flat, but it all ended up to fruitless. Before Tom could return and save them Mr. Oakhurst shot himself and The Duchess and Piney, his fiancé, froze to death. They try and gain a lot of success, but to me that is fate was in their way.

Trails West in America History

Today in American history we talk about Group of people or individual moving from the middle east seek for new opportunity. For example they some move for gold because they want to be rich fast and some for new land that they can own and learn all of dangerous that all awaiting ahead for them. Then for the assignment I had to come up with the story of how my trail to the west and how I did it… Guest I had to use my imagination.

Then I shall begin my story…


On the day that we leaving ours house from west side of Mississippi river and moving toward northwest to find a new lands and seek new opportunity. Before we start ours journey, we first gather and prepare all the supplies we need for the long trip, so my mom and dad creating a list of what should we need for the journey Include Salt, Sugar, Lard, bacon, beans, coffee, belonging, rice, water, whiskey, bedroll, books, medicine, Gun powder, cookware&eating Utensils, clock, Gunpowder, tools, tent and hunting material . Then the next morning when the dawn still young we start our journey seeking for the new land and new chance, leaving our dearest behind. On the journey, we happened to meet one of the merchant who told us that there are a place far up North about 6 to 7 mouth away where not many people live and before we say good bye, the merchant said ” Be warn… that place didn’t have many people inhabitant for a reason.. and if you have a chance to meet some local people… you might want to ask for some advise. “, After finish the man finish the man wish as luck and watch us leaving instill it too far for his old eyes to see. Then after 5 mouth of traveling we experience a lot of things and learn many news, But the only that we didn’t learn is what awaiting us a head. Before we even notice the winter is already come and on that night the first snow and so far the heaviest snow i ever experience, the snow it block ours path in middle of nowhere, the road filling up with 3 foot layer of snow and it keep snow for the rest of the day after. 2 week later we run out of supplies Wagon died for survives we eat ours wagon raw and on that night the only thing that i remember is the chilling cold and sleepiness.