PD in May?

In my years in education it seems May is not the time for professional development. Teachers, administrators, parents, and students are all a little more stressed this time of year and professional development time often turns into management, finalizing end-of-year tasks.

That is not the case in Sioux City Schools this May. If you attend any building professional development this month you will find building leadership teams and administrators sharing a culmination of this years work and a vision for next Fall using their “trilateral”, a tool that gives buildings a clear focus.

In August 2016 our administrators began a journey with Balanced Leadership. Throughout the year, leaders have been trained and equipped to lead their building leadership teams to collectively improve through maintaining a focus, building collective efficacy, creating a purposeful community, and managing change. This month our buildings are now preparing to implement their plan in August 2017. We are more prepared for students then we have ever been.  May is not the time for wrapping things up, but for casting the vision for the Fall.

Similarly, Eric Sheninger was our guest at the monthly principal meetings today. Many may wonder why we brought in a speaker in May, but why not? We are life long learners and in the times where we are stressed and often busy with the “tasks” of school, we need to be reminded of why we are in education. It is for the kids!

Personally I have learned more this May then any previous May in my education career. I am proud of our principals and building leadership teams. I can’t wait ’til August!!!

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