Crucible Act Three Pt. 3 Response

They’ve changed because the adult men had the most power and the women and children were lower class ranked in the village but it now seems that though Abigail has the power here which she is a girl. Abigail threatens the judge that she could easily accuse him stating ” let you beware, Mr. Danforth. think you to be […]

Japanese Internment Camp

In history class we were assigned to make a mind map. The requirements for the mind map was we had to tell someone’s life and how they survived from a Japanese Internment Camp only using pictures.The Japanese internment camps weren’t the same for everyone who survived it. we had to listen to our classmates tell us […]

Crucible Act Three Response

I feel like Elizabeth proctor is honorable even though she lied about her being pregnant. she only did that because she knows she’s loyal and she’s telling the truth about her not being a witch. she always tells the truth to the people and she very loyal to her husband. also I feel like Mary warren is […]

Crucible Act Two Pt. 2 Response

miller’s message is that not matter who you are you treated the same and in the play Elizabeth proctor is one of people is known for being good and respected but since she was accused that didn’t matter anymore. also with the rest of the girls Mary warren, Abigail and Rebecca only people being accused so […]

Crucible Act Two Respone

I feel like he lets the story happen off stage and later reveal them because it add more intense scenes instead of it just happening at one moment. for example the line when Mary warren informed john proctor that she saved Elizabeth proctors life. he waited to have major events so it added more depth and intensity to the […]

Crucible Act One Pt.2 Response

a relationship that could affect the bigger conflict of the trial later on in the play would be Abigail and Tituba. it could effect the play later on in many ways. frist because Abigail threw the blame on Tituba who didn’t do anything just so she wouldn’t get in trouble. it could affect the trial […]

cruciable act one

I believe that he doesn’t truly care for her I believe that he only used her because she was young and pretty it was just a phase, but she truly cares for him because maybe he was her first person. Also I believe that’s why she got fired maybe because he wanted to end things […]

outcast response

Do you think the group worked as a successful team? Why or why not? I do think the team was successful, because the work together to survive. The only one who was a great help was uncle billy was because he was the one that stole the horses. The biggest person who really helped  was […]

my experience at the academy

The sophomore academy was a great experience for me I made many new friends that I’ve gotten very close too and have been there with me through everything. I love how the sophomore academy wasn’t only one school of students but it was all three schools and it was a great opportunity to work with other students from […]