Persuasive Reflection Blog

In class we were asked to right a persuasive pre-search on a debate on “Should the drinking age be lowered?” What I learned throughout this whole ordeal in debate is that with enough practice I can finally win in confidence. Another thing I learned is that calming is key, instead of freaking out I should instead focus on trying to get what I said right. What we all can improve next time is more questions and I feel like that’s about it. I am so proud of my group, we did so much hard work and in the end it finally paid off.

Lau Canh Chua

One of my MANY favorite dishes. (Mind the background) This is my top ten favorite comfort foods where it hits home with me. I rate this around an 8/10 dish. Very exotic as it has tofu, tomatoes, baby octopuses, etc. It’s an exotic dish FOR sure, I would recommend this for my so not squeamish friends.

Blog: Crucible Act Three Pt. 2 Response

The Puritan culture lies all on adults, men, and or reverend. The tables have turned now, the societal norm is completely revered. It is she who is not a man, or an adult, or a reverend. Act III changed that stereotype because who is now in charged and in command with her minions. For example “(Nos she takes a backward step, as though in fear the bird will swoop down momentarily). Oh, please, Mary! Don’t come down.) Abigail 191. In the court, Abigail is the victim, the innocent one in the court. She’s only 17 and the court rulings believed HER over the 3 men, but they were also were respected in the community. She managed to lie and manipulate everybody in the court, even the JUDGE is convinced. In the Puritan times, that’s very uncommon. Usually the man is smarter than the woman, but in this case; the tables have turned.

Blog: Crucible Act Three Response

Elizabeth Proctor is the only person I believe have the most integrity out of all the people in there. If anything I feel like she is almost the ONLY good person int this story. For example when Proctor cheats on his wife, Elizabeth. She has been the victim throughout the crisis, and she has been falsely claimed by Abigail (John’s affair lover.) If you think about it, how is it Elizabeth’s fault that John can’t keep his pants in? Another falsely accused action is when Mary gives Elizabeth that doll. “I made a gift for you today, Goody Proctor. I had to sit long hours in a chiar, and passed the time with sewing.” Mary 164. “Why, thank you.” Elizabeth Warren 164″ and after that, she was falsely accused again for a voodoo doll and was arrested. She is the most nicest and genuine people the book shows.

Japanese Internment Camp

What I had to do was research on a person that was in the Japanese Internment camp and their life story. My project was on George Takei and his life struggle during that camp. After the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, the Japanese people had a very hard time living in the U.S. because after that executive order that Roosevelt signed, they had earlier curfews, their bank accounts frozen, and they couldn’t go to the “safe zones.” For George’s luckily he was only 4 when he was sent to that camp, he adapted quickly just like any kid would.

Blog: Crucible Act Two Pt. 2 Response

While reading this through a mans voice, (John Proctor) I can feel the verbal abuse and physical abuse. He did not treat women well, even his wife he didn’t. How the author represents women or example Abigail, Mary Warren, Elizabeth, and Rebecca nurse is horrible. They’re all either treated like homewreckers, sick house wives that cant do anything, murders, second class citizens, it is awful. The Puritan values around the 1600s towards women were degrading and savage. Compared to today, I think there is less sexism, but there will always be sexism. For example, double standards. How men can go out with a lot of girls and be considered call, while if a girl did it- it’d be considered a whore, slut, etc. That’s just out of the million things in this world about sexism. It is still happening. Thankfully, this isn’t the 15th century, this is the 21st century, and like me and other females out there we will stand up for ourselves, sadly women back in the day didn’t get the chance to.

Blog: Crucible Act Two Response

To keep the mystery. Instead of showing us now what will happen, maybe the author wants to keep us in the unknown. When the characters get to Salem they will. Also maybe is because this act only involves John Proctor, his wife and Mary. This is their point of view. Until his wife gets accused we wont see the trials.


The Crucible Act One Pt. 2 Response

Before all the witch craft started and how this became the biggest issue, it was Proctor and Abigail’s affair that started this whole mess. Assuming that the Proctor’s wife knew about the affair, she fired Abigail (the then maid) so Abigail got super mad and wanted to get back at her, so she did this weird ritual with her friends in the forest, and they got caught. After getting caught by the Pastor, Abigail and her entourage were getting investigated, which then led to Abigail blaming Tibutua, because she was the one helping her do the sacrifice in the forest, and it was so bad, Abigail and her group of friends started blaming so many other people for witchcraft.

Crucible Act One Response

In act one I believe John Proctor still has feelings for Abigail, but I think he loves his wife more, I believe he DOES want to sleep with her, but he won’t want to do it. For example,  Abigail, said, “Oh, I marvel how such a strong man may let such a sickly wife be- Protor said in anger “Do you look for a whippin’.” This was when John and Abigail was alone in the room and they were spilling out their secret, their affair on his wife Abigail talks badly about John’s wife Elizabeth, and he snaps at her. If he didn’t care about Elizabeth at all, why would he get so mad at that? I insist he doesn’t want to.

Outcasts of P Flat

This story is about 4 people that get exiled where they used to live, Poker Flat. They got exiled because they’re misfits, rascals, and outcasts. John Oakhurst, is a gambler, Uncle Billy is a thief, Duchess is a prostitute, and Mother Shipton is assumed to be a witch. Now, they’re stuck with each other in the cold wintry storm with not enough food to survive on and a habitable place to stay in. What they all lacked of, was teamwork. In a team, you’re suppose to work together, and not bail or even try to give up. Uncle Billy decided once everybody was asleep, he would steal the horses and trapped them in the cabin. Again, when it comes to being a united team, you do NOT abandon your teammates. Oakhurst and Tom decided to go back to Poker Flat, but the two girls had to stay back at the cabin freezing themselves to the point of death. In my opinion, I don’t think they should of just left the other members alone by themselves. Finally how Oakhurst decides to kill himself at a time of weakness, when he thought he failed. In the story it shows he is a natural leader, but when he hits a major bump in the road he gives up dramatically, by shooting himself. These are all examples of how a team should NOT work like.