Outcasts of P Flat

This story is about 4 people that get exiled where they used to live, Poker Flat. They got exiled because they’re misfits, rascals, and outcasts. John Oakhurst, is a gambler, Uncle Billy is a thief, Duchess is a prostitute, and Mother Shipton is assumed to be a witch. Now, they’re stuck with each other in the cold wintry storm with not enough food to survive on and a habitable place to stay in. What they all lacked of, was teamwork. In a team, you’re suppose to work together, and not bail or even try to give up. Uncle Billy decided once everybody was asleep, he would steal the horses and trapped them in the cabin. Again, when it comes to being a united team, you do NOT abandon your teammates. Oakhurst and Tom decided to go back to Poker Flat, but the two girls had to stay back at the cabin freezing themselves to the point of death. In my opinion, I don’t think they should of just left the other members alone by themselves. Finally how Oakhurst decides to kill himself at a time of weakness, when he thought he failed. In the story it shows he is a natural leader, but when he hits a major bump in the road he gives up dramatically, by shooting himself. These are all examples of how a team should NOT work like.

The Oregon Trail in American History -Lisa Thach

In American History today, we were having a group discussion about all the Oregon Trail, Mormon Trail, etc. In order for us to understand and learn this concept, our teacher asked us to write a journal to a friend, so she knows we get this concept.

Dear Brandon,


On April 2nd. The day that ended a chapter and opened up a new one. I had to face so many hardships along the way but one in particularly, I didn’t think how difficult it really is to travel by foot, but I can’t say I’m surprised. It’s a 4-5 month trip to take, so I guess I have to get used to it. We also we faced a lot of diseases along our journey. Especially my poor dad. He had diarrhea for days on end. It was very frightening and traumatized for us, it could have been life threatening, but in the end, he got better and survived. He’s the rock in this family, without him, we would be nothing. Besides the fact that my father almost died, we have seen some amazing cities, so beautiful and rustic. We saw very unique creatures like bison and bears, and even rattlesnakes. Although, I really do miss all my friends in Missouri dearly, my family and I were struggling economically down Missouri. This is going to be good start for me and my family. Especially if I have my cousin there with me I can guarantee every walk I take will be better than the next. Goodbye, ole’ pal. I hope someday we meet again


Love, Lisa.

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