The Outcasts of Poker Flat

Today in English, we read “The Outcasts of Poker Flat” by Bret Harte.

I believe the group, which consists of John Oakhurst, the Duchess, Mother Shipton, Tom Simson, and Piney work as a successful team. They are the outcasts of their town for being objectionable characters and for love. The first reason why I believe the group to work successfully is when John Oakhurst exchange his horse for the mule for the Duchess to ride on. The second reason why I believe the group to work successfully is when Mother Shipton told John Oakhurst on her death bed to give her bundle of food to Piney. The third and final reason why I believe the group to work successfully is when John Oakhurst give snowshoes to Tom Simson so he can walk to Poker Flat. Those three reasons are the reason why I believe John Oakhurst, the Duchess, Mother Shipton, Tom Simson, and Piney work as a successful team.

Trails West in American History

Today in American History, We learn about the trails west. We were assigned a prompt about us being a pioneer that is in search for a new life and land. We either write a letter to a friend back home or a journal entry describing our experiences during the trip.

Dear Amy Ha,

Today was a sunny, warm, and slightly windy day. Which made me believe it to be early autumn, which means it could be either be August or September of 1850. It has been about six or seven months that have passed since my family and our family friend decides to leave our home in Sioux City, Iowa. We have decided to leave to head to the great state of California, for the possibility of owning land and gold. The wagon train only includes my family and our family friends. Father was the captain because we were the only one that has the most family members. We started to leave in early spring, which I believe to be around early March when we decide to leave. I will admit, there was time during the trip that I did not get along with my family and our family friend, but we were able to talk through it. There were many attacks and accidents that have happened during the trip, fortunately, nobody dies. Some example of attacks was when we were attacked by bandits that want our money and foods, we were lucky that we have weapons to defend ourselves against them. Another time was when I was walking in front of the oxen and was not paying attention, which almost got me run over by our oxen. During the trip, I saw many animals that were not common back homes such as sparrow, woodpecker, hummingbird, bear, wolf, coyote and much more.

Sincerely your friend, Tammy Huynh

Sophomore Medical Academy Experience

I experienced many astounding moments in the Medical Academy. The Medical Academy is a wonderful place to learn, as a student are being prepared for their career in the medical field. In the Medical Academy, I was taught many things. One of those things was CPR. I grew to be more independent, hardworking, and social with my peers. There is much more freedom in the Medical Academy than at our high school. But with that much freedom, there is responsibility. The responsibilities are to be in class on time, turn in homework on time, and acting professionally when working with others, even if you don’t like them. The teaching in the Medical Academy is different–we did more Project Based Learning instead of listening to lectures. In all, the Medical Academy is one of the best places to be prepared for the medical world. It mixes three different Sioux City Community High Schools together: North, East, and West. I would recommend it to anybody who wants to have a career in the medical field.