Crucible Act Three: Pt. 2

Through many events that have happened during the trails men appear to be less of holding power. By this I mean that women or Abigal in particular show that women can be just as powerful within any situation. For example when she’s in court and say’s to Danforth, ” Let you beware, Mr. Danforth. Think you to be so mighty that the power of Hell may not turn your wits? Beware of it!”.(Miller 188)  Here Abigal is pointing out at the fact that we don’t know if Danforth has any interactions with the devil himself. Over all i think this took a stand for women and how they may have some ways of having power in the Puritan culture.

Crucible: Act Three Response

One person who I found honorable in this act is John Proctor. He tries as he fights for the lives of his wife and the wives of his friends. For example when he said to Judge Danforth, “These are my friends. Their wives are also accused-“, (Miller 181). He doesn’t want any harm done to his wife nor his friends and he sure doesn’t want them in jail. John has news that his wife is pregnant but from the testings of Judge Danforth she is not or so he says. From the book John also states the “My wife would never lie”, but does he know the whole truth.

Crucible: Act One Response

I believe that he still has feelings for her. I believe this because as they talk he seems flirty in his own way and little embarrassed at the fact she has “sensed the heat.” He actually admits to looking up at her through a window as he says “I may have looked up” (Miller 145). Although e doesn’t want to admit it I believe he still has feelings for her as he did when he had the affair when he had her clutched behind his house. He tries to hid the feelings he has for her by denying any love or affection he has towards her. Proctor also says “Abby, i may think of you softly from time to time. But I will cut off my hand before I’ll ever reach for you again” (Miller 146).

Japanese Internment

For this assignment we had to find a person who was involved in the Japanese Internment and for my partners and I we chose Rose Nieda. The Japanese Interment was a mass hysteria where many Japanese Americans were afraid and scared because of how the U.S. was evacuating them. The camps held many bunkers where some had to fend for their lives to live off what was given and yet some were given enough to live in ease.This was all because the Americans thought the Japanese weren’t loyal after the attack of Pearl Harbor. Rose Nieda a young adult who lost her parents at the age of four, and was adopted out to a loving family away from her birth siblings, one brother and one sister. She was as young as 19 and was heading to college when she and her parents were evacuated to a camp in California called Pinedale Assembly Center. They traveled by train from her hometown of Washington. Once they arrived at Pinedale Rose and her family were assigned a bunker that was fairly small but convenient for her small family. She described the camp as a place she was able to fit in and adapt to like it was normal. Yet many others didn’t feel this way. She read books for entertainment but that was she really could do when she couldn’t leave the camp. After about a year at Pinedale Rose and her family was transferred to Tule Lake a nicer camp that was still suspicious. Here she adapted oddly quick, her mother became a pie baker and her father became a night guard. I had a job as a English Language teacher and was a social reporter for the newspaper. After leaving the camp Rose went back to school and had many different jobs causing her stress where she became very ill and ended up in the hospital where she meet her future husband and they eventually got married in 1946.

Crucible Act Two Pt. 2

Throughout the play so far I have noticed how harsh the women are treated whether it be by a man or from female to female. Abigal for example talks to her so called “friends” as if she rules them and she often threatens them if they dare to speak up or doesn’t do as she says. The many men in this play say some pretty harsh things and many threats are made as well. For example when John had said “My wife will never die for me! I will bring guts into your mouth but that goodness will not die for me!” These phrases are clearly made and are show that the Puritan lives were horrifying.Basically men rule out the women in this time frame and most men take control or are in control at all times.

Crucible Act Two Response

He wants the readers to have a more understanding of what is going on. Trying to explain through simple conversations like when Elizabeth and John argue that she is tired of him and fed up with him. Miller I feel is trying to give both side of the story but without any major incidents. Giving both sides as in showing how Elizabeth feels and how John feels. Even though Elizabeth is ill John still doesn’t care for her feelings. Telling her to “get over it” because it happened months ago.

The Crucible: Act One pt. 2 Response

one relationship that stood out to me is the one between Tituba and Abigal. They really never had a good relationship but Abigal has a secret and Tituba knows about it so therefore letting the secret out could harm Abigal in the long run. At one point Abigal had accused Tituba of being a witch and making her do things that are extremely unusual. Abigal says “She comes to me every night to go and drink blood!” she also says that she sometimes “find myself standing in the door way and a stitch on my body!”… Eventually i feel their relationship won’t even exist. With Abigal accusing Tituba, she’s going to let out her secret.

Outcasts Response

Bret Harte’s “The Outcasts of Poker Flat” depicts a ragtag group of misfits trying to survive in 1850. Do you think the group worked as a successful team? Why or why not?

I don’t think they worked well together at all. At first when they were kicked out of Poker Flat they were basically forced to stay with each other along the little travel to the camp they wound upon. Once there, due to weather they were stuck a this camp. After staying a night together Uncle Billy had took the few horses and mules that they had. Oakhurst was the one to wake up to this. With no food to eat Mother Shipton starves herself to death, and Tom and Oakhurst leave to fend for food. While gone Duchess and Piney end up falling asleep hugging as their fire dies to keep warm. By the end of the story Oakhurst has killed himself. Here we have seen that they never stuck together to live, for the most part they betrayed each other and have got no further yet dying.

Trails West Journal

Today in class we were to either write a letter or journal entry on our travel west along either the Oregon Trail, the Mormon Trail, or the Santa Fe Trail. I have chosen to write a journal entry about our journal. Here’s mine:

I’m traveling west along the Oregon Trail coming from the small town of Elm Grove, Missouri. Along this journey we have the choice between either California or Oregon. Papa Joe says we should just head on through to Oregon, and so that’s what we do. Trying to avoid the harsh winters we headed out in the early days of spring. Thankfully the cotton covers are lathered in oil to keep the rain out. We are taking this journey to venture out and hopefully find more land to claim as our own. In our wagon we have my mother and father, my older brother Anthony and older sister Elizabeth, my three younger brothers Jacob, Thomas, and Jack, and my youngest sister Susie. grandma Pat, grandpa Joe, and grandpa Harvey.  Along us we have about 1000 other pioneers and many mules and oxen’s pulling our wagons. You would think this trip wouldn’t be so bad but so far I have had to walk almost the entire time, and not just me but everybody. So far along the trail I have seen many huge bison, small animals, many streams and a few rivers. Something we have done quite well along this journey so far is get along with our fellow travelers. We help as we can with anything and everything. Papa Harvey is always offering flour out to whomever needs it. So many do the same, mom has been offered many dried fruits and hardtack to help keep our food fresh. So far we’ve faced many challenges like our wheels breaking, there hasn’t been much of any grass from the animals to graze, and many people were being ran over by the wagons. A huge set back was the intestinal disease Cholera. This disease killed many people sadly leaving families forced to leave them alongside the trail.



Sophomore Medical Academy (experience)

In the academy i have had a amazing experience, while meeting new people, making a ton of new friends, and furthering my knowledge within the health field. I really enjoyed having the freedom and college like experience in the academy. Getting to go out for lunch, being within one area and having time to chat with friends in between classes. I’ve learned many things like medical math, further history on the medical professionals in the health field and many issues going on in the world. Through this year i feel i have grown in many ways. For example finding a bigger interest in the medical field and having more focus upon school and more dedication toward my school work.

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