Outcasts Response

Bret Harte’s “The Outcasts of Poker Flat” depicts a ragtag group of misfits trying to survive in 1850. Do you think the group worked as a successful team? Why or why not?

I don’t think they worked well together at all. At first when they were kicked out of Poker Flat they were basically forced to stay with each other along the little travel to the camp they wound upon. Once there, due to weather they were stuck a this camp. After staying a night together Uncle Billy had took the few horses and mules that they had. Oakhurst was the one to wake up to this. With no food to eat Mother Shipton starves herself to death, and Tom and Oakhurst leave to fend for food. While gone Duchess and Piney end up falling asleep hugging as their fire dies to keep warm. By the end of the story Oakhurst has killed himself. Here we have seen that they never stuck together to live, for the most part they betrayed each other and have got no further yet dying.

Trails West Journal

Today in class we were to either write a letter or journal entry on our travel west along either the Oregon Trail, the Mormon Trail, or the Santa Fe Trail. I have chosen to write a journal entry about our journal. Here’s mine:

I’m traveling west along the Oregon Trail coming from the small town of Elm Grove, Missouri. Along this journey we have the choice between either California or Oregon. Papa Joe says we should just head on through to Oregon, and so that’s what we do. Trying to avoid the harsh winters we headed out in the early days of spring. Thankfully the cotton covers are lathered in oil to keep the rain out. We are taking this journey to venture out and hopefully find more land to claim as our own. In our wagon we have my mother and father, my older brother Anthony and older sister Elizabeth, my three younger brothers Jacob, Thomas, and Jack, and my youngest sister Susie. grandma Pat, grandpa Joe, and grandpa Harvey.  Along us we have about 1000 other pioneers and many mules and oxen’s pulling our wagons. You would think this trip wouldn’t be so bad but so far I have had to walk almost the entire time, and not just me but everybody. So far along the trail I have seen many huge bison, small animals, many streams and a few rivers. Something we have done quite well along this journey so far is get along with our fellow travelers. We help as we can with anything and everything. Papa Harvey is always offering flour out to whomever needs it. So many do the same, mom has been offered many dried fruits and hardtack to help keep our food fresh. So far we’ve faced many challenges like our wheels breaking, there hasn’t been much of any grass from the animals to graze, and many people were being ran over by the wagons. A huge set back was the intestinal disease Cholera. This disease killed many people sadly leaving families forced to leave them alongside the trail.



Sophomore Medical Academy (experience)

In the academy i have had a amazing experience, while meeting new people, making a ton of new friends, and furthering my knowledge within the health field. I really enjoyed having the freedom and college like experience in the academy. Getting to go out for lunch, being within one area and having time to chat with friends in between classes. I’ve learned many things like medical math, further history on the medical professionals in the health field and many issues going on in the world. Through this year i feel i have grown in many ways. For example finding a bigger interest in the medical field and having more focus upon school and more dedication toward my school work.