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Act Three Part Two Response

During these times men held the power and authority but due to the circumstances of the witch trials the roles have kind of been reversed. Now the women especially Abigail holds power. Abigail has changed how the town is run essentially, this is proven because Abigail threatens and basically says whats to stop me from accusing you? She knows that she holds power now and will use it to her advantage.

Japanese Internment Camps Response

I think it was a mass hysteria. Basically i think that because just because a group of people do something doesn’t mean the whole race is not trustworthy. Not all Muslims are terrorists and etc to everyone else. A whole race isn’t bad orĀ  untrustworthy and what the US did was wrong. They over reacted and let fear make their decisions. Our mind maps are about a certain individual who was in an internment camps and their story. The purpose of the mind map was to be an interactive experience, because you are using mainly pictures not words, so you kind of have to tell their story and its a more engaging experience and you learn more. Overall i think it was a mass hysteria and it was wrong and the mind map was a cool way to explain their story and to learn.

Crucible Act Three Response

Giles Corey is honorable and as integrity throughout this play. He is always trying to be reasonable and he made a joke about his wife reading books and she got accused. He doesn’t want to make the same mistake so he wont give out his source about the land. “I will not give you no name.” (Miller, 183) But now hes trying to prove her innocence. Despite him being foolish he has good intentions and wants the wives who have good reputations to be proven innocent.

Crucible Act Two Pt.2 Response

I think the message he tries to portray is that they are looked down upon and their rights are being taken away. In todays world in the media womens rights are being taken away through birth control. Women dont really have a say, its the “men” who are deciding for us even though they have no right to decide that we shouldn’t be able to access it. I feel like our rights are being taken away just like in the Crucible we arent really getting a say in something women need or just want to use. I think it refelcts puritan views badly because it shows they dont value women or think they have opinions, they just arrest them based on accusations.

Crucible Act Two Response

I think Miller allowed major events to happen “off stage” was so that you could see more of what the characters were thinking and feeling. It was to give you a better understanding of the aftermath which is more important. Having the major events happen “off stage” helped you focus more on how the characters felt about the situation rather than the facts/story. You got to see how the characters reacted and felt about what was happening during the major events.

Act One Pt.2 Response

I think an interesting relationship that could affect a bigger conflict of the trial later on is Abigail and John. The conflict with them is that John and Abigail had an affair but hes married and ended it. But John could still leave his wife for Abigail and that could have a huge consequence on everything thats going on with hysteria. Johns wife, Elizabeth is out to get Abigail for that and she could potentially kill her and possibly get called a witch.

Crucible Act One Response

I think he still cares for her. The way he talks to her makes me believe he still does. Abigail said that his wife was the one who put her out and Johns face couldn’t believe it. She also said that john loved her then and he still does and john doesn’t really deny it. She also said that John looked up at her window with loneliness and he said he has. (Miller 145) I believe he still cares for her but he also cares for his wife and its safer to just stay with his wife rather than give everything up for a teenager.