This assignment was about making a children’s book about the Black Plague and also on how to take care of yourself. I learned to communicate well when working in groups and I also learned the importance of taking care of yourself and how vital it can be. I also learned that I love to teach or speak in front of children. The thing I liked the most about this project was being able to create a children’s book that we would be able to present in front of the children, and to show how vital it is to take care of yourself using a fun a way to display it. The process we used was we first did research on are topic, then we started the rough draft that consisted of splitting up the writing of the paper and figuring out what went best where, and finally we created the final draft along with adding in the pictures we illustrated. The one thing that I would change about the process would be the turning in of the rough drafts. I would like to have it in on time and make it a little more presentable.