In History and English, we started a Civil Rights unit. We learned about what happened during that time and the problems that were faced during that time. Not only did we learn about what was going on, we were able to chose and read a book that was based in the era of the Civil Rights movement. The book that I chose to read was “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett. The book is about African-American women working for white families. These women decide to help a white women that is writing a book about what it is like to work in white households, from the perspective of the help. For the mannequin challenge, we had to choose a scene from the book that was a pivotal turning point in the book. The scene that I chose to reenact was known as the “Bathroom Initiative.” I recruited friends to appear in my video to help create the scene better. I have put a link to the video down below. Enjoy!