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Persuasive Writing & Debate Reflection

For my English III and Issues class, we worked on a persuasive paper that would later be used to compete in an in-class debate. The topic for my group paper and debate was “Do Religion and Prayer Benefit Health?”. Personally, I… Continue Reading →

Crucible Act Three: Part 2 Response

I think that the women now hold all of the power in town. The main leader being Abigail Williams. These accusations all started after Abigail and her friends, including Betty, were found in the forest with Tituba. Abigail has been… Continue Reading →

Crucible Act Three Response

In Act III, I think that the character that John Proctor is honorable. He is doing everything that he possibly can to prove that his wife is innocent. Even if that means that he will have to tell the court… Continue Reading →

Japanese Internment

For everyone that was in the internment camps, they all had a different experience. The Japanese internment was the forced relocation of 110,000 to 120,000 Japanese American’s. I researched Janet Daijogo who was born on March 21st, 1937 in San Francisco,… Continue Reading →

Crucible Act Two: Part 2 Response

Throughout this play, the women are talked down to, and are usually treated badly. The men in town think that the women cannot think for themselves and that they are beneath them. Rebecca nurse and Elizabeth are great examples to this. They… Continue Reading →

Crucible Act Two Response

I think that Act two begins weeks after the initial witchcraft accusations have been made and the courts are I full session because Miller wants everyone to be able to experience it at the same time. At this time, the number… Continue Reading →

Crucible Act 1: Part 2 Response

After reading the rest of act 1 in class today, I think the relationship that could have a bigger effect later on is the one between John Proctor and Abigail. This relationship could have a bigger impact because if it would… Continue Reading →

Crucible Act One Response

After reading the private conversation, I believe that John still has feelings for Abigail. I think that his feelings are not as strong as they were when she was still working for him. I believe this because when Abigail speaks… Continue Reading →

Outcasts Response

After reading the short story, I believe that they did work well together, but weren’t so successful in the end. They go through an interesting journey where they have a shortage of food, but have to rely on each other to… Continue Reading →

Trails West

Today in history class, we learned more about the different trails that were used. Everyone had different reasons as to why they were moving such as new opportunities, new homes, many also went just to find something new and bring… Continue Reading →

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