I think that the women now hold all of the power in town. The main leader being Abigail Williams. These accusations all started after Abigail and her friends, including Betty, were found in the forest with Tituba. Abigail has been able to make everyone believe that these women, both poor and highly thought of in the town, were involved with witchcraft and working with the devil. Abigail is the leader of the group because the other girls are scared that Abigail will accuse them if they turn on her. Abigail is able to convince them, putting on an act of being overtaken by sprits sent to her by Mary. Instead of helping Proctor, Mary turns on him going back to Abby, to save her own life, after she is accused up sending spirits upon Abby and her friends (Miller 1133). With everyone believing them, the women will continue to have power over Salem and the court.