Today in history class, we learned more about the different trails that were used. Everyone had different reasons as to why they were moving such as new opportunities, new homes, many also went just to find something new and bring it back, and others moved for religious matters. There are three different trails which are The Santa Fe trail, The Oregon Trail, and The Mormon Trail. The trail you used depended on the reason as to why you were moving. Our assignment was to write a journal entry like we were on one of the trails. Here is my journal entry:


Hi my name is Molly! I am from Scottsbluff, Nebraska and I’m currently on the Oregon Trail, on my way to Oregon City. My family and I began our long journey to Oregon 1 month ago and still have a long ways to go. My father has explained to me that we are moving west in search of available land and for a new adventure. My wagon consists of my parents, my older brother, my sister, and me. Our train consists of my aunt and uncle, and cousins, but also neighbors from Nebraska. My sister and I have the responsibility of doing chores for my parents. My brother helps out with my father sometimes. Since we began, I have only seen many grassy fields and different animals. I’m hoping to see more along the way. Since there are many of other travelers, we have learned to develop a good relationship with them for our long journey. My father has become very good friends with the other men on the trail. While being on the trail, we have faced different challenges along the way. Some of these include accidents we have experienced. One of the accidents we faced was when we were going to cross over a river, it had flooded so we got stuck for a while. Since we had begun this journey, another major accident that has happened was that the wheels on different wagons broke so we were stopped while these wheels were repaired by dad.