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Blog: PSA Reflection

There were some ups and downs in the process because we couldn’t  solve our problems. It was stressful when i couldn’t get the video done on time and one of the members took over and i just wanted help. It was a fun project my cousin got to be in the video. Adolescents should be getting regular check ups after they are babies. Professionals came over to our school and gave us tips on how to make our project better and the quality.

Blog: Debate Reflection

The process was getting all the information that was needed. We had to work together to see what was the good or bad info. I learned that the topics that we did were things that was going around the world. My improvements would be to do all of my work before hand and ask for help when I needed it. Talking in front of my peers was scary because they were just staring at me intensively. Over all our last debate was one for the books especially in the group.

Mind Map

Our assignment was to make a mind map of the Japanese internment. I chose Fred Korematsu I learned a lot about his life and how he he changed his name to Clyde Sarah and got minor plastic surgery on his eyes to make him look less Japanese. He was married to Kathryn Pearson they had two kids named Karen and Ken. At the age of 23 he refused to go to the internment camp and that caused him to get arrested. But him and his family was moved to Topaz, Utah where one out of the 10 camps were located. After the war was over and everyone was released from the camps. He went up to Detroit, Michigan to where his younger brother was resided.

Act Three Pt. 2 Response

At the end of Act Three she acted like she was being possessed by Mary Warren. Abigail and the girls mimicked what Mary was saying trying to get her in trouble. Elizabeth would not confessed that he had an affair with Abigail because she wanted her husband to keep his name.  Mary got tired of the girls mimicking her so she turned on John Proctor saying ” don’t touch me, Don’t touch me ” (Miller 194). Soon enough he got tired of the mess in the trial he say ” God is dead!” (Miller 194) and which they arrested him .

Crucible Act Three Response

Mary Warren had the right to talk about her side of the story along with John Proctor. I felt like he was trying to his wife to not be hanged. Mary even said that Abigail was by her side when she made the doll. so Mary had the right to prove her righteousness. She was trying hard to not be arrested over false facts.

Crucible Act Two Pt.2 Response

In the play women are treated very different because well they are women. Us girls can not play in a certain sport because we are not tough or “manly”. We have to stay home and clean the house along with cooking for the family. While the husband is sitting on the couch like a potato. To me it is not fair even though life is not, men and women should be treated the same.

Crucible Act One Pt 2 Response

Putnam and Proctor were arguing over land and the lumber that Proctor supposedly got from the forest on the riverside. ” I have never said no such thing, but I’ve paid you for it”( Miller #150). Putnam was wondering how he got lumber and land because he eager to know how he got more land than him.Putnam said it that the tact was from his bound and Proctor yelled back saying he got the tact from Goody Nurse’s husband months ago. Then Putnam threatened saying that he will have his men on him.

Crucible Act One Response

For Example, ” Abby, I never gave you hope to wait for me” ( Miller #145). He confessed that he looked through the window sometimes and that means he still likes even though that is inappropriate. Abby tell them that what had happen behind his house and he denied it saying that he never left his farm in seven months.After she ranted to him wanting him to pity her and he told her if she was looking for a whipping. Now that is some crazy stuff going on their” relationship. He took his time walking five miles from his farm to her house just to see her “fly” that is commitment.

Trails West in American History

Today in American History I learned that the biggest caused of death was diseases. The food supplied consisted of fried fruit, saltines crackers, beef jerky, and pickles. They did not have much for the food because all of it was gone in less than three weeks. The Oregon trail had the most pioneers, a total of 350,000 settlers. They were seeking what everyone wanted, new opportunities and homes. To avoid the harsh winters, they started their journey in the early spring to new adventures and land. It started form Missouri to Oregon and to was 2,000 miles of trails across rivers, prairies, and mountains. The same things for the Trails , all they wanted to start fresh continue to do what they do with their new life. Mormon trail moved because of religious reasons which started in Illinois to Salt Lake City.  The Santa Fe Trail started off from Missouri to Mexico to take advantage of the new trade opportunities with Mexico. After the slideshow I learned that three out of the four trails wanted to start a new chapter in their lives and want to have more property.

Outcast of Poker Flat

i think they worked together as a group because they supported each other. When mother Shipton was getting sick, she starved herself so she could give her food to her children. The gambler was by her side when she took her last breathe. They leader helped the youngest piney and duchess to survived. In conclusion they both supported each other through the bad thing that were happening in Poker Flat.

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