Trails West in American History

Today in American History I learned that the biggest caused of death was diseases. The food supplied consisted of fried fruit, saltines crackers, beef jerky, and pickles. They did not have much for the food because all of it was gone in less than three weeks. The Oregon trail had the most pioneers, a total of 350,000 settlers. They were seeking what everyone wanted, new opportunities and homes. To avoid the harsh winters, they started their journey in the early spring to new adventures and land. It started form Missouri to Oregon and to was 2,000 miles of trails across rivers, prairies, and mountains. The same things for the Trails , all they wanted to start fresh continue to do what they do with their new life. Mormon trail moved because of religious reasons which started in Illinois to Salt Lake City.  The Santa Fe Trail started off from Missouri to Mexico to take advantage of the new trade opportunities with Mexico. After the slideshow I learned that three out of the four trails wanted to start a new chapter in their lives and want to have more property.

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