PBL projects


For the past few months my two partners and I have been working on a children’s book about infectious diseases. It took quite some time to get the book to how we wanted it. We rewrote it again a few times and made it rhyme. We didn’t necessarily have to make it rhythm but we thought it would be cool so we put more work into it to make that happen. We had three rough drafts to make sure it was perfect. Throughout the process I learned how to make use of my time and how to work out problems between my partners and me. What I mostly liked about this project was how we had to come up with the story. We could have made it about anything we wanted. I liked having the choice of what to do. If I could go back I’d change how I presented to the kids. I was nervous about reading the book on my own so I wasn’t focused on showing the kids the pictures. Overall the process of creating the book was very fun and I enjoyed

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