PSA Reflection

Over the past few weeks a few of my classmates and I created a PSA over the importance of drinking fluoridated water rather than bottled water. We had to create a poster, a commercial and a radio ad. Our goal was to get the general public to drink tap water. It’s better for you and many people don’t even know it. My partners and I all had our own tasks assigned but we still helped each other out.  After having the opinions of 4 critical friends, many hours working, a few drafts and lots of research we created this PSA. Throughout this process I learned that by drinking tap water you can prevent cavities and tooth decay by 25%. You can even save money from not needing to go to the dentist for cavities and other issues. I feel like I can improve forthe next projects by managing my time more wisely. Also, by not being afraid to step outside of the box and try new things. For the future, I think the teachers should have less critical friends. In my case, we had 4 and they didn’t agree on some things therefore confusing us.