Biomedical Debate Reflection

For this assignment we were given the topic Should fraternities and sororities be banned? we were put into groups of four. Two partners wrote the pro paper and the other two wrote the con paper. I got to write the first three paragraphs of the pro side and my partner wrote the other three. We got articles and put them in One Note so we could have the citations from where we got our information. We were also given time to go back and revise our papers. After our papers were done we had to debate about it. We flipped a coin and my team got the con side. We did not get the side we wanted but overall I think my team did great. Throughout the whole process I learned a lot about hazing, sexual assaults and alcohol use in sororities and fraternities. Such as, four out of five fraternities members are binge drinkers. To help myself improve for future debates I will look more into both sides rather than just the side I want. I will be more prepared for next time.debate AA-21n29vc