Case Study

For my case study I used Minny from The Help. I used my knowledge from med term and applied it to Minny’s illness description to create a case study. I had to find proof of Minny suffering from Anxiety symptoms in my book. I had a lot of fun creating a case study for Minny’s character. I learned how to connect med terms to lay terms.

case study d

War and Medicine Research Paper

For my medicine research paper I wrote about amputations. From how they preformed them back in the day to how they prepared for them. I wrote about how little they sterilized their equipment. I compared how this surgery was done to today. Now a days sterilizing is one of the most important steps. I learned a whole lot in the making of this paper.

Amp done paper

Mannequin Challenge

For my mannequin challenge I used the book The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I recreated the scene when Minny lost her job. The family she was working for told her they would give her a paid week vacation. When she returned the following week, she noticed that the family was gone. They had moved out to Mobile without notifying her. This scene represented how little people cared about colored colored people. Due to Minny’s skin color she was treated miserably and unfairly.

War and Medicine Podcast

For this project my group and I had to create a podcast discussing a topic related to war and medicine that affects our society today. The topic we chose was the evolution in the medical field. We talked about the importance of sterilizing surgical instruments, the knowledge of germs at the time, and surgeries and blood transfusions over all.  To be more informed we interviewed Matt Anderson, a historian at the Sioux City Public Museum.  I am very happy with how our podcast turned out, I learned a lot in the process.