Productivity Log #3 (2/13)

At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks

13 out of 277

I recently started reading this book and I am enjoying it so far. It started off with some guy that fell in love with a girl that he barely met. He wants to move states to be with her. His friend is trying to convince him not to. I am excited to keep reading and find out if he actually moves out with her or not.

Productivity Log #2 (1/29)

The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks

43 out of 261

My favorite part of this book so far was when Wilson went to visit Noah. They talked about the past and Allie. Wilson is trying to win Jane’s love back and Noah was giving him advice. Even though Noah isn’t a main character he’s still my favorite character. I’d recommend this book to any hopeless romantic.

Productivity Log #1 (1/14)

The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks

23 out of 261

So far I really like this book. I’m a sucker for romance and so far this book has shown me that there will be plenty of it. I was so happy to find out that in this book they talk about the characters from The Notebook, Noah and Allie. I am excited to keep reading and find out what happens.

The Crucible

I think Abigail Williams is the one to blame for a variety of reasons. First of all she slept with John Proctor knowing that he was married. No one made her sleep with him, she did it voluntarily. Then, she made all the other little girls lie about everything, she came up with the plans. Finally, she ditched town and stole money without even solving any of the problems she caused. A lot of what happened in the story could’ve changed and been different if she hadn’t done any of these things.

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