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Outcast Response

I think the outcast group worked as a successful team towards the middle and the end of the story. In the beginning of the story they weren’t as much of a team but slowly they became a team. I think the reason why they were a successful team at in the beginning and the end of the story is because they all talked and included new people who they seen along the way. Also because they talked to each other about what to do about food and other things such as warmth( a fire). When Mother Shipton starved her self to save the young child because she had already lived her life and she didn’t want him to die. At the end then one person had left to go back to town to try and find help but help said they couldn’t help them. Also because they all died not because the killed each other but because there was no one who came and helped.

Trails West Journal

Today in American History, we learned about the trails going west. We were assigned to write either a letter or a page from a journal. We were suppose tell about the pioneer experiences during our trip. I chose to write a page from a journal, below is what I had wrote.


Hello Journal!
My name is Araceli and I’m sixteen years old! I recently left Missouri to go to California to find and buy new land. I’ve also decided to leave so I could go on adventures as well. The trial I have decided to take is named The Oregon Trail. I started the trail in the middle of March, 1841 and it is currently July 23rd, 1841. We had decided to leave early so my family and friends and I could all reach our destination before winter had come. My family is also with me at this time and also some friends and their family has joined with us for the same reasoning. So far I’ve had to find fire wood, for our fires so we could stay warm, I’ve also had to go fishing so I could help find food for us to eat. I’ve also had to watch the little kids that in the back of the wagon. My mother has to watch the kids unless she wants to go and do something else than I would watch them. My father would help get food and build the fire and he would also help keeping the animals that we have around our wagons. As for my older siblings they did the same thing as me, but my younger siblings stayed in the wagon playing games, because they were too young to do other things such as hunt. While on the trail I’ve seen many things such as different animals, and different plants and flowers. Also how to do different things in the wilderness and, much more. Some obstacles that my family and I have gone through so far was when it rained, our wagon would get stuck in the mud. Also because sometimes our wagon would break down. A major part of one of our obstacles was when my family and I would get sick. Though we got through other obstacles as well those were only some. Well, that’s it for today journal, I’ll be back tomorrow or maybe next week!



Medical Academy

This year in the Sophomore Medical Academy I feel like I grew more of a person. I made new friends from other schools and I had a lot of fun downtown as well. I feel like I learned better with the projects that we did. I also learned about more options in the medical field and I learned a lot more about the individual jobs in medical field as well. I still wish to continue to become as a pediatrician in the future but the medical academy has opened my eyes to other options as well. I will like to continue with the downtown academy junior year.