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In my American Issues class we had to write a paper with 3 other people about a specific topic. Our topic that my group and I chose was “Should pro-life health providers deny prescriptions based on conscience?”. Throughout this project I learned a lot. Something i learned was how to communicate with my partner who was also writing the paper with me. I also learned how to settle on decisions and we asked each other for advice a lot. Another thing i learned was about how many women are actually denied access to birth control. I also didn’t know that pharmacist denied prescriptions to so many people just because of their conscience. Somethings that can be improved for next could be having a little more time to work and talk to a teacher but other than that i felt that everything went smoothly.

Crucible Act III pt. 2

Now that in the play the men don’t have as much power as they used to I think that the women have gotten a lot more power than what they did have. I think one of the main leaders for the women is Abagail because she’s been getting involved with a lot of things. I think that Abagail is like a leader for the women’s because when she made up the thing about the bird saying that it was Marry Warren all the other girls mocked whatever Marry had said and they also all agreed with Abigail. One example is when Abigail says “Why? Why do you come yellow bird?” then she also says “But god made my face; you cannot want to tear my face. Envy is a deadly sin, Mary.”(Miller 191) Abagail decided to makeup a fake bird and say that it was Marry Warren and that she’s out to get her. After all that commotion all the girls agreed and went along with Abagail. So I think all the girl will agree with whatever Abagail says.

Japanese Internment Camps

For our American History Class we had to research about someone who was sent to an Internment Camp then make a mind map poster about that person’s life and present it. After presenting our posters we had to write about who we had and if this event would be considered a part of a mass hysteria.

The person who my partner and I picked was Daniel Inouye. Daniel was 17 years old when people got sent away to internment camp. He got sent way for a few months until he out yes on the ballot to help fight with the military in war. So he got sent back to his home state then went straight to war after.

After the attack on Pearl Harbor, many people who were either Japanese or a Japanese- American would get relocated and imprisoned into different Internment Camps. In my opinion I think that the Americans, Japanese Americans, and the Japanese all gave into mass hysteria back then. I think this because people got scared and started telling on their friends and neighbors not knowing what they were accusing them of. So then those people who were accused then would get sent to an Internment Camp and they had to fill out a ballot saying wither or not they’d go in to the military for help fight in war. Those who said no stayed in the internment camp and those who said yes got out and sent to fight in war.

Cruciable Act III

I think that John Proctor is an honorable man.I think this becuase he tries to get his wife out of jail. Also becuase when the judge says that he’ll give her a year to live becuase shes pregnant Mr.Proctor still kept fightingtrying to get his women completlyey freed forever andnot just for a year. Also becuase he’s also trying to help his friends try and geet his wives out of jail as well so they dont get hanged. Some edivience i had seen was ” Why I-I would free my wife sir” also Mr.Proctor said, that his wife isnt a liar also he said that if she says that shes pregneat then she must actually be pregnant. Therefore I chose Mr. Proctor because he’s sticking up for his wife and he’s also trying his best to get her out of jail.

Cruciable Act 2 part 2

What i’ve read so far the women are treated disrespectfully no matter if it women or male. I
think that the women had to listen, obey, and toletate what the men had to say or do to them
no matter how much they disliked it becuase, they weren’t going to stand up for themselves. For example “were I stone I would have cracked for shame this seven month!” Elizabeth wasn’t okay knwoing the fact that he cheated on her but she wan’t going to tellhim that she knew soshe just kept quiet and didn’t say anything. The message that Miller conveys in this play is that it’svery sexist and unequal between the men andwomen back then.This reflect the Puritan values beucaseit’s showing how thewomen were considered way less then the men were.

Cruciable Act 2

I think he chose to give the information about the courts off stage because he wants the information to be given second handed from character to character. I think this because he wants the characters to over exaggerate and have the people wondering rather than being able to know what exactly happened in the courts. I think it’s also because when Marry Warren has said ” But, Mr. Proctor, they will not hang them if they confess. Sarah Good will only sit in jail some time and here’s a wonder to you ; think on this. Goody Good is pregnant” (Miller 165). So I think it’s kind of odd that they say she’s 60 but yet she’s pregnant. So therefor I think he chooses to tell about the court off stage because he wants it to be more dramatically.

Crucible Act One Pt. 2

Today in class we read Act one of The Crucible. I believe that Giles Corey and his Wife are going to have some conflict because of what he had said to Reverend Hale. I think this because Reverend Hale doesn’t really know Giles too well to know that he was joking. So therefore I think he’s going to take what he said about his wife serious. For example he says “Martha my wife. I have walked at night many a time and found her in a corner, readin’ of a book. Now what do you make of that” (Miller 155). I think that because he’s trying to say that his wife is a witch but he’s actually messing around. So I think that Reverend Hale actually think he’s serious.

Crucible response Act 1

I believe that John Proctor is still in love with Abigail. I think he still is because if he wasn’t then he would have kept arguing staying he’s not and gave proof but instead he said no but then didn’t say anything else. Though I do believe he still loves his wife but I also think he still does have some feelings for Abagail. For example Abagail says “Do you tell me you’ve never looked up at my window?” and Proctor says “I may have looked up” (Miller 145). So therefore I think he does still have feelings for Abigail.

Outcast Response

I think the outcast group worked as a successful team towards the middle and the end of the story. In the beginning of the story they weren’t as much of a team but slowly they became a team. I think the reason why they were a successful team at in the beginning and the end of the story is because they all talked and included new people who they seen along the way. Also because they talked to each other about what to do about food and other things such as warmth( a fire). When Mother Shipton starved her self to save the young child because she had already lived her life and she didn’t want him to die. At the end then one person had left to go back to town to try and find help but help said they couldn’t help them. Also because they all died not because the killed each other but because there was no one who came and helped.

Trails West Journal

Today in American History, we learned about the trails going west. We were assigned to write either a letter or a page from a journal. We were suppose tell about the pioneer experiences during our trip. I chose to write a page from a journal, below is what I had wrote.


Hello Journal!
My name is Araceli and I’m sixteen years old! I recently left Missouri to go to California to find and buy new land. I’ve also decided to leave so I could go on adventures as well. The trial I have decided to take is named The Oregon Trail. I started the trail in the middle of March, 1841 and it is currently July 23rd, 1841. We had decided to leave early so my family and friends and I could all reach our destination before winter had come. My family is also with me at this time and also some friends and their family has joined with us for the same reasoning. So far I’ve had to find fire wood, for our fires so we could stay warm, I’ve also had to go fishing so I could help find food for us to eat. I’ve also had to watch the little kids that in the back of the wagon. My mother has to watch the kids unless she wants to go and do something else than I would watch them. My father would help get food and build the fire and he would also help keeping the animals that we have around our wagons. As for my older siblings they did the same thing as me, but my younger siblings stayed in the wagon playing games, because they were too young to do other things such as hunt. While on the trail I’ve seen many things such as different animals, and different plants and flowers. Also how to do different things in the wilderness and, much more. Some obstacles that my family and I have gone through so far was when it rained, our wagon would get stuck in the mud. Also because sometimes our wagon would break down. A major part of one of our obstacles was when my family and I would get sick. Though we got through other obstacles as well those were only some. Well, that’s it for today journal, I’ll be back tomorrow or maybe next week!



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