“Outcasts of Poker Flat” Response

Overall I think the group worked as a successful team. The outcasts ran into Tom Simson and his fiancee Piney Woods and decided to build a camp. They stayed together at the camp throughout the snowstorm, and made a fire to keep them warm. Tom Simson said “We’ll have a good camp for a week, and then the snow’ll melt, and we’ll all go back together” (Harte). Mother Shipton decided to leave the camp and gave her rations of food to Piney. Tom Simson and Mr. Oakhurst decided to travel to Poker Flat on snow shoes to save Piney. Mr. Oakhurst said “There’s one chance in a hundred to save her yet” (Harte). Unfortunately Mr. Oakhurst never made it back and ended of dying of a bullet to the heart. Throughout the story the group had many struggles, but they continued to work together to help the others. They constantly comforted one another and tried to survive as best they could in the harsh conditions.

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  1. This is a great post! I will use it as an example. I love that you used textual evidence and cited it properly. Next time, work on commas after transitional lead-ins. For example: Overall, …. Throughout the story,
    -Ms. Lane

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