In this story I don’t believe that the teamwork was very effective. The team of outcasts immediately didn’t work well, they were mostly intoxicated and one of them did not agree to stop. Little did they know it effected their fate. After that decision everything went down hill, someone starved their self, ran off, and froze to death. Each one of the outcasts were checked off one by one. There was no strategy or care about the situation until it was too late.

Wagon Train

September 5, 1845

Dear Diary,

All I have known since I could remember, was Missouri. My mother, father, brother sister and I are all moving to California because our lifestyle was dull, and my father lost his job. It was about fifty days ago that my parents decided to move to California, but we heard about California and there’s a beach, and more enjoyable places to work. It has been a very long trip, my mother told me that we still have a while to go. In our wagon train we have a lot of families that came with. There was even a mother who had to have her baby on the road. We stopped to hunt, some of the animals we’ve seen are so fascinating. Some of these animals I’ve never seen or heard of. We stop to sleep, or incidents like the mother giving birth but we try to keep going. Once we had to stop to look for berries and there were all kinds of birds around them. The scenery can be beautiful. Also the people who we are traveling with are fun, but also hard working. Sometimes the fathers butt heads about directions or when we should rest but they always figure it out. Sometimes when we rest we share and eat together. One of the downsides is always walking but we kids do have a good time playing with marbles. The families have become all very close, I could only imagine what the rest of the journey will be like.

Until next time, Vanessa O.

Sophomore Academy

In this medical academy I learned a lot. I’ve made new friends from other schools and I also met teachers I wouldn’t have met if I didn’t come down here. I’ve truly had a blast with all of the fun projects we had down here. The academy has given me great opportunities such as job seeking for future purposes and knowledge about volunteering and so on. I definitely learned a lot about what career I want to be apart of because they allowed speakers to come and talk to us about their career. Thanks to the Sophomore Academy I know what direction I want to take and I couldn’t thank the program or the teachers enough.