Trails West Journal

In my American History class today, we learned about the Trails West, and we were assigned to write a journal entry about heading west and our experiences along the way. We were to write as a pioneers state of mind while traveling up west. So, down below is my journal entry.

May 24, 1857

Hey Corbin long time no write. As you’ve probably noticed I am not in Missouri anymore. I am heading to Oregon with mom, dad, and brother. Dad said we going west to buy a piece of land and build a home for the family. So we packed up are goods like our memories, food and other important stuff needed for a long journey ahead of us. . . Yeah? We’re traveling with other pioneers seeking new opportunities just like us which is pretty dang cool. They seem cool, they told us where there from and they shared some of their knowledge and their stories with us and what they had to face on the way here. Thankful we didn’t have to face any life threatening situations YET but, I shouldn’t speak so soon we are not even there yet. So far we’ve seen some incredible views, mountains rivers, animals, and met cool people on the way.  Once again I had no say in any of it, so im sorry for not saying my farewells but I hope you’re doing well and surviving without me over there. Miss yah bud. Hopefully I see you in another life.

Just in case this doesn’t get delivered to Corbin… Hello my name is Allison, I am originally from Bolivar, Missouri. Im heading west to Oregon with my family for a better life. We began our journey on March 8, 1857. My family and I are heading west due to more job opportunities, land, and a better life. Wish us luck on our journey.


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