Debate Reflection

For next time I could improve on asking better questions to the other team, and I could improve on having a better understanding on the topic I had. I learned more about the topic I had, and I had no idea that that kind of stuff was happening in pharmacies and other places. I like […]

PSA Reflection

The PSA is a Public Service Announcement that we did in our English III class, and Issues and Health class. We were assigned to do this project with a group. We worked with the Siouxland District Health to help them out on the safety on biking and helmet safety.We were told to create a video, […]

Japanese Internment

The Japanese Americans were blamed for the cause of pearl harbor. This took a toll on every Japanese-American out there. They had it hard, even tho they weren’t apart of it the government thought that it was all the Japaneses fault, and that they were to blame for this historic event. Some of the Japanese […]

Crucible Act Three Response

John Proctor is a hard working man that values his reputation. He is accused of a lot, he hides his guilt in order to keep his good name. He continues to deny his relationship with Abigail. His wife knows he is lying to her, but there is nothing she can do. she cant get divorced […]

Crucible Act Two Pt. 2 Response

During this era, women were not treated with kindness nor where they treated with respect. Women are made to matter less then men, meaning that women had to obey and tolerate the behavior men had towards them. For example, Tituba and Mary had to deal with these actions due to them being maids to the […]

Crucible Act Two

It gives the reader more mystery behind it. It allows more of a developing sense through the story and makes it more interesting to the reader. It can be part of the performance act that gives more detail behind the story.  It also allows the reader to gain some insight on the characters roles. it […]

Crucible Act One Pt. 2

John Proctor and Abigail Williams secret affair could get out and could become a threat between his and Elizabeth’s marriage. Abigail is a lair and she could possibly manipulate John into doing what she wants. For example, she lies through her teeth, making it seem like Tituba made her do all these crazy things like […]

Crucible Act One Response

I believe that he still cares for her, because there is detailed proof of it. For examples, ” his smile widens” and ” I may have looked up” and ” he gently presses her from him, with great sympathy”(Proctor #145). I feel like all these says lead up to the conclusion that there are feeling […]

Trails West Journal

In my American History class today, we learned about the Trails West, and we were assigned to write a journal entry about heading west and our experiences along the way. We were to write as a pioneers state of mind while traveling up west. So, down below is my journal entry. May 24, 1857 Hey […]