Standard 1

Demonstrates ability to enhance academic performance and support for implementation of the school district’s student achievement goals.


Criteron A: The teacher provides multiple forms of evidence of student learning and growth to students, families, and staff. 

Artifact: The Grade Book



  • Encompasses daily work, quizzes, unit assessments, and projects
  • Keeps up-to-date records of student learning
  • Informs students, parents, and teachers of current performance and achievement


Criteron B: The teacher implements strategies supporting student, building, and district goals. 

Artifact: Lesson Plan



  • Identifies content and language targets
  • Incorporates Daily Writing and Formative Assessment initiatives for students.
  • Implements differentiation throughout instruction with multiple instructional strategies: direct, read-aloud, partner work, and videos.


Criteron C: The teacher uses student performance data as a guide for decision making. 

Artifact: Formative Assessment Scores


  • Displays formative assessment scores of students
  • Guides lesson moving forward with re-teaching some material and building onto some material
  • Leads to working individually with certain students on specific terms and concepts


Criteron D: The teacher accepts and demonstrates responsibility for creating a classroom culture that supports the learning of every student. 

Artifact: Accomodations and Modifications


  • Displays accomodations and modifications made in a lesson to support all learners
  • Prioritizes all learners strengths and weaknesses
  • Supports those that need extra support with flexible grouping, individual check-ins, and extended time


Criteron E: The teacher creates an environment of mutual respect, rapport, and fairness. 

Artifact: Student Survey


  • Collects responses from all students, in all classes, once a quarter
  • Creates a voice amongst students to gain their respect and rapport
  • Gathers feedback inorder to adapt instructional methods or rules and guidelines for a better enviornment


Criteron F: The teacher participates in and contributes to a school culture that focuses on improved student learning. 

Artifact: Sophomore House Meeting Notes


  • Consists of sophomore house teachers and administrator meeting once a week
  • Consults student behavior and academic performance
  • Constructs behavioral or academic plans for struggling students
  • Praises positive behavior or academic performance of students


Criteron G: The teacher communicates with students, families, colleagues, and communities effectively and accurately. 

Artifact: Student Email Conversation


  • Utilizes technology such as email, infinite campus, canvas and the phone to track conversations and communication
  • Allows communication with students, parents, co-workers, and community members efficiently
  • Involves in other communication during parent-teacher conferences, instructional coaching, Professional Learning Communities, co-teaching, individual student conferences, and day to day teaching.