The Evolution of Medicine Through War

Throughout this unit, myself and my group members were assigned to research the effects that war has had on medicine. We then turned the information that we found into a research paper and a documentary. While working on those assignments, I was able to see just how much war has influenced medicine, and I now known that the medical field would not be as advanced as it is today, without the violence and dread of war. My group researched new innovations that resulted from each war such as, the mobile x-ray unit, improvements in anesthesia, penicillin, and much more. Overall, I am very impressed with my group’s final projects, and how well we worked together. The information that we learned is very important, not to mention interesting, and I will be able to carry that knowledge with me as I follow the medical career pathway.

Below I have inserted the links to the research paper, and the War and Medicine documentary. Enjoy!

Final Research Paper-20v2wpc