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Crucible Act One Response

During their private conversation, John and Abigail reveal their past, but John insists he no longer has feelings for Abigail. Do you believe this is true or does he still care for her? What about his words/actions lead you to believe he does/does not have feelings for her?

I believe that yes John still cares about Abigail. Now I don’t think he has feelings for her in the romantic sense more like a caring sense. I think this because he does push her away but he still does loom through her window. So I feel like he just simply cares about her.

Trails West Journal Entry

March 1st, 1848
My name is Kiley I am traveling along the Oregon Trail in search of a better life. I am moving from my home town of Sioux City Iowa so we had to journey down into Missouri to get to the start of the trail. The reason we left so early is so my father can build us a house before snowfall and so we have enough grass on the ground to feed our oxen. As to where we want to settle at my family says it doesn’t really matter where we end up in Oregon as long as we make it there. Today marks a month of this long journey and I don’t know how much longer I can bare to sit in this wagon with my family. We will see many sights during this trek out west. So far we have seen prairies, canyons, mountains and wide rivers. As for challenges we have faced well we have had problems with broken wheels, an oxen passing away, and it getting so hot that we didn’t want to move. My family and I are very healthy people but one of my biggest fears is catching an illness during this travel especially when we are traveling with six other people and limited medicine. Father tells me there are many ailments we could get during this journey such as cholera, typhoid, mountain fever, measles, the flu, and smallpox. I will continue to write about my journey out west and who knows maybe I can share this story with my family when I am older.