Children’s Book

In our health academy we were assigned groups, and each of those groups had to choose a story that they would like to write about. The whole purpose of the story is to teach kids how and when to wash their hands, and we all knew that later on we would read our story to kids.We first was chosen groups, then we had to think of a topic while writing a rough draft, after that we had to keep editing our draft while creating pictures to go along with our story, and finally after many edits we finished and prepared to read aloud to children. Before I was a little nervous about the children judging our book, because originally I didn’t want to write about what our book was about, but I was out numbered. But overall all of the kids liked our book for some reason and that really made me happy. If I had to do this again I would choose a different topic that kids would like and that I would like so that the process would be a lot easier and exciting.

Children’s Book:¬†file:///C:/Users/marinoa20/Downloads/Fort+G%20(1).pdf

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