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My name is Andrew Marino, I am 16 years old, and I go to North High School as a Sophomore. My family includes of four sisters, two brothers, two dogs, and one cat. Melissa, Ali, Anna, and Katie are my sisters; Katie is my stepsister, but we call her our sister because she is a lot like us. Melissa is a teacher, Ali is a couple therapist, Anna goes to school at North Middle School, and Katie lives in Texas with her two daughters Avery and Ellie. One is my brothers is Nick and he is applying for Jobs in the Medical field while on a one year break, and my other brother is Tom which he goes to the University of Iowa as a freshman. My two dogs are both boys and their names are Dash and Winston, and they both are Caviler King Spaniels; my cat is a boy and his name is Philly, or Phil and he is the cutest and nicest cat on planet earth. My favorite subject is to be determined.

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