The Crucible Act One Part II

Things are starting to heat up in the small town of Salem. A lot of the heat, not the good kind, is coming from Thomas Putnam and Reverend Parris. Even as their children lay there sick they are fighting over property and lumber! They’re being selfish, and only thinking about what they could benefit or lose. An example is wood. They go on to fight about wood, “Where is my wood?”

The Crucible Act One Part I

In The Crucible it’s clear that John Proctor and Abigail had a full on, steamy affair. Whether of not he still has feelings for her is the real question. From reading Act I, I believe that he does in fact care for Abigail. He admitted to walking past and looking into her window, “I may have looked up,” he said. I cannot say how much, because its clear that he cares the Mrs. also. For example, “You’ll speak nothing of Elizabeth!” John said when Abigail talked ill about his wife.

The Outcasts Of Poker Flat

The Outcasts Of Poker Flat was a tragic story, or at least the ending was.

They were a great team. When they were first exiled from Poker Flat they didn’t get along. They didn’t trust each other, and they didn’t work together. As the story progressed, though, that all changes. When the “Innocents” arrive the group becomes closer, they have fun, and they even begin to sacrifice what they need for the others. Mother Shipton starved herself, by not eating her portion of the fractions and saving them for little Piney. Sadly, by doing so, Mother Shipton passed away. Mr. Oakhurst aimed to help by sending Tom back to Poker Flat, but it all ended up to fruitless. Before Tom could return and save them Mr. Oakhurst shot himself and The Duchess and Piney, his fiancé, froze to death. They all give everything they had, but the luck was too poor.

It’s Tragic.

The End Is So Bittersweet

The end of the year is so bittersweet. With the excitement of summer running through your veins, it doesn’t seem so bad. It’s not, really. It’s not bad, but we have to leave behind the academy we know, and to move on to further our education. That is what makes this so bittersweet. While in the medical academy I have been able to explore the medical field, and who I want to be. Thankfully I am coming back next year. See you guys then.