Crucible Act 3 Pt. 2 Response

The societal norm has changed because high class respected citizens have been falsely accused of witch craft and may be hung. Also, the girls have the power to change the way things are going in the trials because the courts believe their acting. When Mary tries to accuse Abby, Abby acts like Mary sent her spirit out in the form of a bird that is going to rip her face apart (Miller 191). Mary then accuses Proctor of being the Devil’s worker and accuses him of doing this to her. Mary runs into Abigail’s arms and basically asked for her forgiveness. Proctor was sent to jail, so Abby has no lover anymore and her and Mercy run away after stealing all of Abby’s uncle’s money.

Crucible Act Three Response

In this act, the most honorable character would be Proctor. Despite his past, he was very stead fast in this act. Goody Proctor had told the court she was pregnant. Proctor was offered to have his wife stay alive for one more year because the court wouldn’t kill her if she was actually pregnant. But, denied it because he thought it was unfair to Giles and Francis. Proctor says “These are my friends. Their wives are also accused-” (Miller 181)

Japanese Internment

The American-Japanese were sent to these internment camps after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Some people were forced and some went without force. Ruth V. had a good experience. She was in a Recreational Department group which set up a pool, volleyball games, movies and music. Others had bad experiences. Most of the children didn’t know that this was cruel so they thought it was normal.

Crucible Act Two Pt. 2 Response

The females in the story aren’t the head of the house hold. All the women are second to the men. They were treated badly compared to the men. They stayed home all day and cleaned the house and cooked for their family. For example, Mary was the maid for the Proctors and she would be threatened to be whipped. She has been whipped from the way John threatens her.

Crucible Act Two Response

There might be a lot of “off stage” events because the person who is telling the second hand information could be lying to make it seem real. There could be other parts of the story left out and the author may bring them out later in the story. this could bring more or less attention on that event for a certain amount of time. Making the event more dramatic then it actually was.

Crucible Act One Pt. 2 Response

Tituba and Abigail had a good relationship to start the play. Tituba was helping Abigail conjure spirits and spells to kill Goody Proctor. When Abigail was caught in the forest dancing with the other children, she was being accused of conjuring. She didn’t want to get in trouble, so she told the others that it was Tituba making her do it. That pretty much put a dent and maybe even ruined their relationship. Tituba had to lie so she wouldn’t be killed. Once Abigail blamed Tituba, she was in the clear. This could effect the bigger conflicts because they are lying about seeing the Devil and people who falsely accused of supposedly being his followers or helpers.

Crucible Act One Response

I believe that John still cares for Abigail. Some of the things he says makes it out to be that he doesn’t love her, but somethings he say do. For example, John says “Abby, I may think of you softly from time to time. But I would cut my hands off before I’ll ever reach for you again. Wipe it out of mind. We never touched, Abby.” (Miller 146). Proctor says that he does still think of her in a sexual, loving manner but doesn’t want to anymore. John is having mixed feelings about Abigail but he still loves his wife.

The Outcasts of Poker Flat

The Outcasts of Poker Flat has no teamwork. They all abandon each other and do not work together. They stuck together but didn’t help each other to stay alive or safe. Uncle Billy stole horses and mules. Tom and Oakhurst left to find food for themselves. Also, Oakhurst commited suicide.

Trails West in American History

In American History, we talked about four trails. The Oregon Trail, California Trail, the Sante Fe Trail, and the Mormon Trail. We get to pick one of the trails and are going to write a letter to a friend or a journal entry in the perspective of one of many, many persons on the trail. Here is my journal entry:

My name is Shelly McConnell and I am nine years old. My family and I are going on the California Trail to buy new land out there. We left in the early spring to avoid traveling during winter.  We have two other families in the same wagon train as us. There are three other kids around my age. Mary is nine like me, Peter is seven, and my older sister Alice is eleven. We all get along really well. I think Peter has a crush on me because he will only help me with our chores and not any of the other children. He would wash the dishes while I dried them, he would carry my water if it was too heavy, and would never let me touch buffalo chips. When I got really tired of walking he would carry me on his back. He was a good friend. We only had vegetables the first month of the trip because they would go bad. We had a lot, and I mean A LOT, of hard tack. It never went bad so we ate that the whole trip. My favorite snack was sliced pickles and beef jerky in between two pieces of hard tack, YUM! Our wagon wheels broke five times during the whole trip which isn’t too bad for such a long trip. Two weeks before we arrived in California, Peter’s Uncle Tom died of a bacterial infection in his intestines called Cholera. Tom seen a small pond and drank out of it and it got him really sick.

Sophomore Experience

Having this experience has changed me for the better. I have learned to cooperate with others. I made a lot of new friends from mine and other schools. It was a great opportunity to learn even more about the medical field, more than we would have at our home schools. The sacrifices we made to be down here was worth it.