This year I started having a strong interest in the medical field and my counselor suggested getting into the sophomore academy downtown which are regular classes but they have to do with medicine. What I enjoyed the most about the academy were the projects we got to do with students from different schools. Getting to meet new people and being able to work together with them was a pretty great experience you don’t get at your homeschool.

While working on the projects I learned that I would very much enjoy working with kids. I learned that becoming a pediatrician would suit me best because they work the most with children. I plan on becoming a pediatric nurse first to experience the feeling of it first and then continue my studies and become an actual pediatrician. Assisting the classes downtown helped me decide with pathway I want to take.

I had so many great experiences down here at the academy and I made many new friends here too. I will be taking everything I learned down here with me where ever I go because I learned that you should be nice and friendly with everyone even if you might not get along very well. I  made many memories with my new friends and I’ll be sure to come back next year.