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Japanese Internment Camps

Last week, in our American History class, we were assigned to create a mind map using only pictures that told the story of a person that lived through the Japanese internment camps. Flyers were hung around towns explaining to the… Continue Reading →

Crucible Act III pt. 2 response

Abigail has played a big role involving the change in dynamics withing the village of Salem by having the power to control other people to get her way. Adult men held all the power until Abigail came across and started… Continue Reading →

Crucible Act Three Response

Danforth is a honorable character in the play because even though he’s stubborn at times he begins to listen to the other side of the story. In the book, Danforth begins to question Abigail when he says, “Is it possible,… Continue Reading →

Crucible Act Two Pt. 2

Based on the interactions between men and woman this far, female characters aren’t treated very well in my opinion.The females in the play are nice and helpful towards everyone, but they’re not always treated so nicely. For example, Mr. Proctor… Continue Reading →

Crucible Act Two Response

I think Miller allows major events to happen off-stage to make the play more interesting. I think the background information¬† kind of give better details of what is actually happening. For example, when he describes proctors actions, “… he lifts… Continue Reading →

Crucible Act One Pt.2 Response

Giles Corey and his wife have a conflict in the story when Giles mentions to Hale that his wife reads these mysterious books. The conflict is that he said he isn’t able to pray when his wife is present, but… Continue Reading →

Crucible Act One Response

I believe that John Proctor did have feelings for Abigail before, but as of now I think he lost the feelings he had for her. During their private conversation Abigail was flirting with John, but he wouldn’t budge. He even… Continue Reading →

The Outcasts response

The outcast worked together as a team towards the end of the story, they might not have been successful since they all passed away, but they were working together. The lovers were the ones who helped the outcast bond together… Continue Reading →

Trails West in American History

On September 5th during American History we learned about different trails many¬†pioneers would take while searching for new opportunities and risking many things along the way. They had limited space in their wagons so they had to plan the perfect… Continue Reading →

My Experience in the Sophomore Academy

This year I started having a strong interest in the medical field and my counselor suggested getting into the sophomore academy downtown which are regular classes but they have to do with medicine. What I enjoyed the most about the… Continue Reading →

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