Debate post

doing this style of debate, i think actually improves not only your knowledge but confidence when debating. i learned that when debating you need to sound confident, because when you sound scared or hesitate to  give information the other team can sense that weakness. i also learned that when debating in front of the whole […]

Crucible Response Act 3

At the beginning of the story Proctor was not afraid nor questioned when talked too. As of act three Proctor is not a reliable source, or believable. With Abigail trying to bring him down along with Parris, Proctor is no longer looked at as a respected nor truthful person. Danforth believes Abigail, and Abigail soon […]

Crucible response act 3

I think there are two people who have shown bravery and integrity the most during the story so far. i think one person is Mr.Procter because although he did commit adultery on his wife with Abigail, he went into court and confessed everything in front of the judge and others just to save his wife. […]

Crucible act two Pt.2

Based on the story line and on much of the story we have read, i think that women are not considered as important as men. so far in the story it is as abigail already has a reputation in the town, Mary warren just follows Abigail and Rebecca are the only semi-important/respected characters in the […]

crucible act two response

I think that this help to build up tension and show just how each character feels and reacts to the situation that is going in. i feel like by going through the scenarios through the conversations , it shows the emotions and you can understand and comprehend a little better. i think that miller wants […]

crucible act one part 2 response.

i think that the way that ti-tuba and Abigail were first accusing each other in the beginning and then teamed up later on accusing the goody family will later affect how the town not only looks at them but treats them and its also going to affect how they live because they are going to […]

Crucible act one response.

I do believe that J0hn Proctor has his feelings toward Abigail. i think that although he does still care and love for his wife, he has created an intimate relationship with Abigail and clearly feels something for her. Even though it seems as though he does want to end this love affair, he still wants […]

outcast response

i think that the fact that they were all thrown out together as a group of strangers actually brought them closer to understanding each other. they were all thrown out because no one understood them and why they did the things that they did. i think if they had all  gotten a same mindset and […]