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Crucible act one

I believe he does still care for her but he knows its wrong so he tries to stop. You can tell by the way he acts he still likes her but i feel that hes trying to stop himself because he loves his wife. “i may have looked up”. in this hes saying he may have looked at the window and if he did he clearly still cares. he says maybe because he doesn’t want to admit it because hes trying to get over her and work on his relationship with his wife. I think he still cares about her but he doesn’t want her telling anyone or to have anyone find out.

Crucible Act Three Pt. 2

I think that Abigail has the power now because even after they gathered all that information and evidence and had three of the strongest/most powerful men in the town, Abigail still powered over them. Normally the men who are high and mighty have all the power but now Abigail does because she got the court to believe what she is saying. They had four different reasons to bring Abigail to court shes still managed to make the people of the court against Procter. She ends up having all the girls go along with her and agree with the “Yellow Bird” story. In the begininng the men had all the power but now the women do.

Japanese Internment Camps Response

After doing this project, I learned that the Japanese Internment Camps were a big part of mast hysteria. People who were Japanese didn’t have a say or choice in any of this. It didn’t matter if they were part of pearl harbor or not they still had to go. It was sad because the American’s didn’t do anything about it but just watch and they didn’t want to say anything because they didn’t want anything to happen to them. It’s sad to see how many bystander there was and how many people did nothing about this. I think whats most sad is that high school students couldn’t even get their diploma’s because of what “their people did”. It was also sad that some people were even taken out of their homes. This was also a big part of mass hysteria because when pearl harbor occurred the American’s panicked and made everyone who was Japanese go to the camps even if they had nothing to do with it or anything.

Crucible Act Two pt. 2

The women were looked down on and don’t have much of a say. They’re also accused of which craft and don’t get a say in it. If a woman was accused they couldn’t say anything to defend them selves. They also couldn’t explain themselves if they were accused. They could’ve been taken in and charged without having a say or anything.

Crucible Act One pt. 2 response

Abigail and Tituba have conflict by Abigail lying and saying that Tituba forced her to do things and making her look bad. Abigail was blaming the whole situation on Tituba and saying she made her drink blood and other crazy things like that. Betty started following what Abigail was saying and they started throwing other people under the bus and lying about them too. Abigail almost got Tituba killed by saying she forced her and said she was a witch. Tituba had to beg for her life and make them believe her.

Outcasts response

In the story The Outcast of Poker Flat, they all abandoned each and there was no teamwork. They lost a lot of money and morals. Uncle Billy stole the horses and mules. Tom and Oakhurst left to fend food, and by the end Oakhurst committed suicide.

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