War and Medicine

This project was about all of the wars and how they shaped the medical field. Also i learned about many medical innovations. For this project I had two partners that worked on it with me, Melissa and Ashley. i enjoyed working with them.. we had some troubles but we worked through them and came out with a great video and paper. For the Video Melissa was the video editor, Ashley was the script editor, and I was the narrator. The entire project took about eight total weeks. We wrote a fourteen paragraph ┬ápaper on the wars and some of the medical advancements in each one, we used the paragraphs to help create our ten minute video. Also we found pictures and videos too. One of the most interesting things I learned about medicine was in the Korean war and that was the M.A.S.H units (mobile army surgical hospital). They were first created in 1945 but it took until the Korean war for the field care team to finally be utilized. This team was used all the way up until the 90’s. Also there was a TV show created called M.A.S.H and it was about a team of doctors and support staff stationed at the “4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital” in uijeongbu, South Korea during the Korean War.


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