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In our world today there are many Global Issues, that some people would consider major. For example there is Human Trafficking, Pollution, Slavery, Genocides, Acid Rains, and even more. The effect that these issues have on our world today are un imaginable. Our human race is always the one to suffer. Little do we know that our global issues also could be the reason that we are running short on natural resources. Humans today don’t understand how to limit how much of our resources that we use. Our world has changed due to Global Issues and the change has not always been for the good. In the Medical Academy I’ve learned how to help prevent and watch out for these issues. I’ve learned how Global problems affect our society and the air we breathe. For example Global warming is one of the major issues today due to the glacier’s melting. Believe it or not but the animals on our planet also suffer because the changing of our home also is known for changing their habitats. Humans should be more cautious when it comes to Global issues, but most importantly we need to start preventing it from happening.