Career plans and Interests

My interest that I have for my career is the Forensic Sciences or Therapist.  These careers may seem a little far fetched from each other. But I do have my reasons.

I would like to be a therapist because they help people. I love helping people as much as I can. It’s interesting all that therapy can do for people. Yes, some people may consider therapy a “dumb” thing, or something that tears apart families. But in the end the therapist themselves only do what is best for their client. Also some people may think its a great idea to have someone to talk to besides family. A therapist is a good choice because its only spoken between the two of you. Its confidential.

How does the Forensic Sciences interest you? Some people may ask.

Well, I love science and I like to figure things out. Most murders, or mass killings are solved by Forensic Anthropologists. There are many different categories or jobs under Forensic sciences. Yet I’m only 16 and haven’t entirely narrowed them down quite yet. I’m very interested in how the Sciences solve things and how they get their evidence. Many people may be confused on why I’m so interested in two far fetched careers. But if you think about it, their not entirely different. They both end up helping people in the end.