Sophomore Academy Experience

This year I thoroughly enjoyed the Medical Academy. The Medical Academy classes are very useful if you’re looking to go into the medical career. In these classes I’ve become CPR certified. I’ve learned about our medical backgrounds in our world’s history. I’ve learned to work better with people, and it teaches you how to be an adult. The Sophomore Academy lets you have more freedom than you probably would have at  your home school. For instance, you’re allowed to have an open campus lunch, You get little “Brain Breaks” in between classes, and the classes are a lot more fun. You don’t have to listen to a stand up lecture as much. I would recommend to the new coming Sophomores that if they get the chance to be in the Medical Academy classes, they should take it.  The teachers in the Medical Academy are absolutely spectacular. If you ever need help with something, or if they see that you’re struggling they are one of the first people there to help you. You also make many new friends. All of the Sioux City Community Schools (North, East, West) are all mixed together,  so everybody gets to experience this fun year of Medical Learning. My experience was great at the Academy, and its sad to say I’ll be stuck at my home school next year, but this opportunity will be something that I wont forget.

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