January 9

semester one reflection

In a detailed and comprehensive reflection, answer the following questions regarding your English class.
This must be in paragraph(s) form, not bulleted points.

What was the essential learning for the semester in your opinion?

How to write essays, narratives and other types of writing, in the proper format.

What did you enjoy most?

I enjoyed writing the “Don’t kill Lennie”, and the presidential election for the characters.

What did you enjoy least?

I did not enjoy doing the 1940 point of view assignment.

How did you grow over the semester as a student and a learner?

I learned how to properly write, and how to work with partners.

What ideas, concepts, etc. will you take with you as you move into your sophomore, junior, and senior year, and into college?

I will take MLA format with me and the proper essay technics.

What are some skills that you want to learn how to master before the end of your freshman year?