October 16

About Me

Shalom my brother

I am in the honors program because in 4th grade they put me in it. I Honestly don’t know why, but I think it is because I scored well on Iowa assessments. If we are being honest I really like the honors classes because all of the smart kids have really cool conversations about topics and they really make you think. But a bad side of being in the honors program is that everyone expects you to be good at every subject, like my parents always say “you’re in honors English you shouldn’t have a bad grade in math” like??? what do math and English have in common? nothing. Math sucks.

I don’t enjoy much about reading but I sorta like reading murder mystery/ teen novels. I used to LOVE reading. like I would read all the time, I would put my reading book in my math book and read during math. like when I went to church on Sundays I would read the stories in the bible, for fun. Then at the beginning of 7th grade I just stopped reading, and I don’t read that often anymore.

I enjoy being able to create stories in writing. I also enjoy writing essays and papers on things that interest me. I enjoy writing letters.

Some of my hobbies include hanging with friends, annoying haelen, and eating jimmy johns.

My interests include, watching greys anatomy, the office, and Riverdale. I also am interested in learning about murder mystery’s (like the Jonbenet Ramsey one).

My goals are to be rich and spoil my children, and be the cool mom. Also to be come successful in the field of work I am in. I hope to work in the medical field. I want to be either a, surgeon, nurse, or psychologist.

this my pal Brylee. she accused me of stealing intro, Which did NOT happen. her
life motto is, “weird is flowers blooming in

this my pal Haelen. this is her fav pic of herself. she is in show choir and loves her brother. they look like The same person

This is my girl kam. she is a cutie. she is funny and I love her

This is Lorena she and I met through our siblings, she is really funny, 10/10 would recommend being friends with a Lorena