Crucible Act Three Pt. 2 Response

After the trials, societal norm in Puritan culture definitely changed. It wasn’t expected of women or children to hold power. Abigail managed to overthrow three, grown, well respected men. With all the evidence and people against her, she was able to not give into the hysteria. Because of this, Salem was changed for the better.

Crucible Act Two Response

I think the author allows major events to happen off stage so we can have a different perspective. More specifically, Elizabeth and John fighting off stage. They were fighting about the secrecy between John and Abigail. In my opinion, Miller wanted us to have and understand the story from Elizabeth’s point of view so he had Elizabeth explain it after the fact. I like how Miller does this as it creates a little bit of unknowingness for the reader.

Crucible Act Two Pt. 2 Response

In this play women are treated very unfairly and rather violently. Proctor put his hands on Mary and that was considered normal. The Crucible takes place in the 1600’s which is why they received this treatment. Puritan values are not the same as we have today. Women were expected to cook, clean, and raise the children and that was it.

Outcast Response

I think they made a bad team. The members didn’t help anyone else survive and It was basically a “fend for yourself” situation. They didn’t really have a leader for their team. Without a leader they didn’t have any one to lead them and keep them focused. In conclusion I think with all of this evidence its clear they didn’t know how to operate to be a good team.


My experience in the sophomore academy was definitely enjoyable. As cliché as it sounds, I made so many new friends and without them my life would be so incredibly different. I really liked how the classes had a medical spin on things and I appreciated the change in scenery. I’ve learned so much from the academy, like how to perform CPR under pressure and how not to dress for a guest speaker. Being here made this school year fly by and I look forward to being in the junior academy.

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