Food do we really know that it is healthy for us?

If you think so well …you are wrong food isn’t healthy for us nothing is I know that your mom and dad always say “eat your vegetable’s but they are wrong. Oh don’t worry your not going to die! or anything.

Let me guess you are thinking “then why do we eat food”? well we eat because we need energy and well something in our body’s.

Did you know that we should live for 200 years  but there is so much pollution that we don’t live that long.

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Hi my name is Bethany and I am going into 7th grade I am 12 years old. My favorite color is blue and my favorite food is lasagna. I like music and I like drawing, painting, designing clothes in my sketch book.

I have six siblings.                                     Bethany eyer. July 2017  10:10 pm


 Don’t you just get annoyed when your parents always want you to do something for them when you ask them if you can do something?

Well why can’t it be that when they want something from us they should do something?

my sister

Hello this is my new blog.

My sister likes one of my friends…friends and he is going into 8th grade and she is going into high school. She wants my opinion if she should go out with him but before I could answer he asked if she liked him and then he said, “Sponge bob told me to ask you.” She didn’t reply back to him yet…soooo what should I tell her?

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